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Hi there and welcome to my site. I'm a friendly kinda guy who loves to help people get their web presence sorted. From an off the shelf theme to an all in bespoke e-commerce store with Mailchimp integration. I'm your man.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing small businesses thrive, artists build their audiences and creatives sell their stuff by having an awesome site.

Let me help you bring your vision to the interwebs!



This is a little weird so it will need some explaining. Inspired by Community Acupuncture, alternative currencies and the inspiring work of Douglas Rushkoff. I am operating a Pay What You can Model for Web-design.


The motivation is to enable people of limited budget, such as solopreneuers, crafters, yoga teachers and charities get custom websites of a high quality without being beholden to mega corporations and retain control of their data and content.


There are a few unavoidable costs inherent in a web build such as hosting and domain name registration which I charge a set fee for. After this you can pay whatever you feel the site is worth for the final build. I will take a non refundable deposit of £40 at the start of the build to cover these costs and act as your commitment to the process. When the build is complete you agree to pay whatever extra on top you feel the build is worth. Any changes after this point will be charged at a hourly standard rate.

Not clear about the pay bit?

Ok. Its not normal I get that. Here is s a guide so you can work out how much the market average is for web design. Typically a WordPress site can cost anything from £250 for an off the shelf theme and set up to £1500 or more for a fully bespoke build. You can pay whatever you want after the initial costs are covered.

Still not sure about it all?

Check out my Portfolio for work I have completed to get an idea of what to expect from your site. Have a look around here or shoot me an email using the contct form on this page.

How Can I get Started?

Ready to rock? Great! Just send me an email using the contact form on this page letting me know what you want briefly and I 'll shoot you back an email with a form to fill in and some more info.





Rob is a real creative guy, let him help you make something beautiful.